Happy Tuesday, I’M NOT DEAD!!!


“Well, Hello There,” She said sheepishly. . .

You guys, I have been meaning to write this update on our whereabouts and upto’s for over a year.  I started a couple times.  I have half written drafts titled “Happy Summer, I’m not dead!” and then “Happy Holidays, I’m not dead!”  Clearly those didn’t come to fruition.  So where the Hell’s bells have I been?  In the suburbs, that’s where.  Yes, Otherhalf and I left the hustle and bustle and delicious food of Chicago for the slightly less hustly and bustly western suburbs.  We’re still figuring out the food part out here.

Last year my parents scooted to Washington state and moved in with my Grampa who turned 97 in June (effing 97, you guys!!)  Rather than sell their house, Otherhalf and I moved our happy asses in and pay them rent instead.


now we mow the lawn and try to keep my mom’s plants alive!


I left my dental assisting job, where I was for 11 years, and signed up for the massage therapy program at Elgin Community College.  Say Whaaaat?? Actually this is something I have always secretly wanted to do, and so when the opportunity for change came along, I jumped on it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  I freaking love it.  LOVE. IT.  I just finished the full time program (with straight A’s btw, nbd) and passed the state licensing exam last Wednesday.  I adult studented so hard!!!  School has been a serious time and energy suck, which is mostly why I have been absent from the facebooking and instagrammy things. (also because apparently I’m a little superstitious and wanted to wait until I passed my licensing exam before coming out of the woodwork, because how embarrassing would that be . . .)  I also work reception at a local chiropractor’s office.

Otherhalf was hired to teach 5th grade at a suburban school out in the cornfields, exactly one week before classes started last year.  He is already being requested by parents at said school and started year numero dos last week.  He very much likes not driving in Chicago traffic anymore and is happy as a clam in the burbs.  He’s training for that marathon thing again this year.  At least now he has his own personal massage therapist to help him recover from those 17 mile practice runs.  Woot!!

So for the past year I have done lots and lots of studying.  Kedzie was always a big help there.


This is Special Agent Dana Skull-y, and some health care humor.  (I’m a nerd now)


We managed to go camping with some friends a couple weekends ago in Wisconsin and hung out in the Dells one afternoon.  Posing for photos with large cheeses is encouraged.

Also this happened at some point.


These girls just don’t do this sort of thing, which made me think one of them was dying…

So that’s pretty much what’s my up to.  (That sentence is either horribly wrong or amazing.  Let’s go with amazing.)

As far as this blog is concerned, I might put some stuff up here and there.  Or I might not.  I have changed some of my eating habits as a part of being more healthful in general.  Maybe some of that will end up on here.  We’ll see where life takes us.  Until next time, keep it real.  Or whatever.   And now I’m off to apply for my license, so I can put the initials LMT after my name.  How cool is that?  I’ll leave you with a pic of me and three of my classmates at our graduation picnic yesterday.


It was a perfectly perfect day for a picnic with these awesome ladies.





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