A Winter Bitchfest


So I have been neglecting this blog again, among other things (not personal hygiene, don’t worry).  I start one thing and it sputters out and I don’t finish.  Like I lose momentum for just a minute and then OOH LOOK!  Something SHINY!!   I am pretty sure it’s this freaking winter we are having.  I don’t do especially well with the winter as it is, but this year she is being a little bitch.  It’s super cold, then warms up just enough to snow a couple of inches, and then super cold again. Otherhalf’s school is closed tomorrow, possibly Tuesday too because of the cold.  And I know, I know, it just makes spring and summer all that more wonderful and worth the wait, but I am starting to freak out a little.  My skin is dry, my hands are chapped and cracked, I don’t want to have to wear any more sweaters with two layers of shirts underneath that makes me feel like a sausage.  I don’t wanna wear the knee socks and tights and the leggings and long underwear, and I feel fat because I have to squeeze all the tights and the leggings into my jeans that are tight enough as it is because I ate too much junk food over the dang wonderful holidays and haven’t been on the exercise bike.  And I am tired of having to wear the giant boots where I have to put on an extra pair of fluffy socks on top of my regular socks because otherwise the boots are just loose enough that I feel like a Clydesdale clomping around.  And when it’s REALLY cold and windy and I have to wear two scarves and wrap the one around my face so that only my eyes peep out, it’s gross because the scarf gets all wet from the moisture in my breath.  And I have hat head constantly, and my hair is static-y and feels like it’s in my face all the time because I need a haircut again, but I don’t go get one because it’s not like I can really enjoy it since I am just going to have hat head anyways, right?  Sigh.

But even as frustrating as it is to be stuck in this particularly wintery winter, I am grateful of course that I have a warm cozy home to come home to, and a dude who puts up with my frustrated winter freakouts.  He even joins me in said freakouts occasionally.  And it’s not all bad, I suppose.  I have made some stuff while stuck indoors.  Busted out grandma’s sewing machine for a couple of little projects, like new throw pillow covers for the sofa.  And I have drunk a lot of tea while watching Downton Abbey.  (But when I have tea I also need some kind of cookie, which is why I can’t fit into my jeans with all the layers. . . )   So we trudge along, waiting impatiently for the warmer sun, and the inevitability that we will all complain about how hot it is outside, and then thank feck for air conditioning.  In the meantime we nest, and watch a lot of tv, and drink tea, and make use of our INDOOR BICYCLE (tomorrow), and we moisturize, and have snuggles from our little furry kiddos who are glad to have us home so much.

Thanks for letting me vent, I actually feel a little better!