The Bad Apple


Otherhalf and I have joined Amazon Prime.  It’s like Netflix, but through Amazon.  And we can stream it directly to our television.  So, we have been watching many, many, (many) episodes of Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dives.  Which means we are fiending for OFF THE HOOK burgers in FLAVORTOWN lately.  BANANAS!!  So where do we go when we want a killer burger?  Well, there are a few places.  The one closest to home is The Bad Apple, which is where we went tonight.  I am currently rocking a Bad Apple foodbaby as I type this.  The Bad Apple is in Lincoln Square, which is just a hop and a skip away from our hood.  It’s a restaurant/ bar with a huge menu of adult beverages and decadent burgers.


decadent like Nikko’s belly

. . .

They have like fifteen different kinds of burgers, and the menu rotates (quite) frequently as we found out tonight.  The multi-cheeseburger that Otherhalf was going to order this time, cause he didn’t two weeks ago, was not on the menu tonight.  (Yep, we were there two weeks ago.)

We often skip appetizers when eating out, but not here.  We always get an order of the fried cheese curds.  And these are not those frozen nuggets covered in breadcrumbs (barf), these are actual cheeeese cuuuurds that are freshly beer battered and deep fried.  I feel that I can best describe them as a delicate, yet sturdy web of honeycomb-like fried batter and melty cheese.  They come in several big clumps that you have to pull apart.  And then you dip them in ranch dressing.  They. Are. Awesome.


Now if you know me at all, you know I am NOT a beer drinker.  But I so wish I was sometimes.  It would just make life so much easier.  I always give Otherhalf’s a little sip just to check, but it never fails that it’s always gross.  HOWEVER!!!  Tonight I actually ordered an Allagash White, cause Otherhalf always says how well the cheese curds go with a beer, and this is one I might could actually drink.  I finished about half of it.  Woot!  And here is proof!!


Looky!   Drinkin’ a beer like a big girl!

. . .

Since Otherhalf’s previously mentioned burger with all the cheese was no longer available, he opted for the “That Sweet Hash” Burger- they all have witty names – which had house made panchetta, apple and sweet potato hash, and a fried egg.  It was super flavorful.  I didn’t take a picture of his, so here is one of another burger we had there on a different visit. This one is the “Slow Burn.”  It has bacon, white cheddar, and stout sauteed spicy chili’s and onion.  And I think this one was medium-rare, but it looks a little more on the rare side.  But it’s okay, I eat anyway!


. . .

There was a burger on the menu tonight called “Steven Seagal Power Kick.”  I totally almost ordered that one just because it’s hilarious, but alas I did not.  The one I have ordered more than once, and had tonight, is “Elvis’ Last Supper.”  It’s got peanut butter and bacon, and that’s it.  And it rocks my freakin’ world.



Now let me try and explain how good this is.  You know how usually you eat peanut butter with something sweet like jelly, honey, bananas, apples, etc. ?  It becomes the savory salty bit.  Well, when you eat it with salty bacon and a meat patty, the peanut butter becomes the little bit of sweet!  And it’s delicious!  Also, it satisfies my neurosis for staying clean and dry.  I hate to be sticky.  I don’t know if it’s the way they cook their burgers or maybe the bread is magical or something, but with this particular burger the whole thing stays on the bun in a neat tidy package.  There is no meat dripping all over (I get mine medium rare), and it never soaks through the bun.  Maybe because there’s no sauce to drip, ’cause it’s just bacon and peanut butter.  The only mess on my hands is from the house cut fries, which you can get with all sorts of different seasonings if you want like garlic or truffle oil or old bay to name a few, but I have learned to just get ’em plain.  This place makes their own ketchup, and that’s all I need on my fries.

So yeah, that’s the first of my favorite burgers ’round here.  What did you have for dinner?