The Foooood Part


This is a post dedicated to all the tasty things Sarah and I ate on our Goonies Adventure.  If you missed the first two posts about said adventure, catch up here, and here.

[Also, I feel the need for a little disclaimer, so here it is:  If you did the math, you may have figured out from the previous post that Sarah (who is due ANYDAYNOW with her first kiddo.  C’mon Mabel!!!) was in the very beginning of her pregnancy when we went on our trip.  She peed on a stick the day before we arrived just to check if she should avoid alcohol and such during our adventure, which was a real good idea since it was positive.  So, in the cases where there was wine or weird moldy cheese or raw fish, please know that she opted not to eat that stuff.]

Continuing on . . .

So you may recall that we spent our first night with some friends in Portland.  I have to say I had pretty high expectations for eating in Portland.  I just asked Mary ‘n’ Alex to take us to one of their favorite spots for a good meal.  They kindly obliged, and we were not disappointed.  It’s called Navarre.  It was a very minimal, beautiful space with huge windows in the front, and a whole crap load of mason jars lined up on the wall.  I would call it “Hipster Minimalist.”  Bonus points that it was only a few lovely blocks from their place, so we just walked over.  Additional bonus points that they have become friends with the owners, so needless to say (but I will anyways), we ate like kings!!


yeah dude, that’s right, I see you watching me.

I didn’t take many pictures of the interior, as I feel like a complete tool sometimes.  It is a battle I wage with myself as a half-ass blogger.  Also, I just wanted to spend time with my friends and enjoy a meal.  Also, it was freakin’ dark really romantic in there.  See???


We shared a bunch of little small plates.  We had a bread and cheese board with some real good stinky cheese, lamb with honey and apricots (sexy!), some kind of brothy clam dish, beets with breadcrumbs and lemon (dellishious!!), some carrot strings (gotta eat some veggies!), and a wicked good hangar steak.  Oh, and wine!


Okay, I did get one loser picture of our stinky cheese board, which I had to lighten quite a bit, you know, because of the ambiance.

 . . .

Saturday morning Alex was off to school, so Mary, Sarah, and I walked over to a bright cheery neighborhood coffee house before we took off for Astoria.  They had a bunch of baked goods and savory breakfasty things.  Sarah had a breakfast calzone turnover thing.  It was turkey and veggies and eggs in a flaky melty crust with a (decaf) honey vanilla latte.  I had an orange-ginger scone with little caramel-ey bits and a crunchy sugary edge with a “caramel-sutra” latte.  I was seduced.  We sat for a while and chatted.  Mostly about babies and vaginas.  Mary is a labor and delivery R.N., and with Sarah in her newly found “family way,” we had a lot to talk about fer sher.

IMG_0042 IMG_0045

. . .

We bid farewell to Mary and my caffeinated ass drove us to Astoria, where we had an amazing lunch at the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro.  This place was pretty awesome.  They were rocking some fun eclectic decor, and a very delicious menu.

lindsays phone 226

decisions, decisions . . .

We shared an appetizer of fried calamari.  Boring, right?  Wrong.  This was a calamari unlike any calamari I have had before.  Well, except for the fact that it was fried.  But it was fried in a really light batter, like tempura, with capers and peppers and onions and it came with garlic aioli.  It was really colorful and super tasty.  This will be the calamari to which all future calamari will be compared.

lindsays phone 232

lindsays phone 233

Then since we had all that fried, we went healthy with salads.  Except I don’t know if mine actually counted as “healthy” since it was covered in candied pecans and bacon.  (Yes it does.)

lindsays phone 235

Sarah got the chickpea/ tabbouleh/ flat bread salad.  It was really good too.  We were full when we left.

lindsays phone 234

Also, they had this cool piece of art in the bathroom.

lindsays phone 228

I always appreciate a well decorated bathroom in a public place.  Also I appreciate a hook to hang my purse or jacket. It’s the little things, ya know?

. . .

Then we were off for more shenanigans.  When dinner time rolled around, we were out at Cannon Beach.  We heard that we had to try the razor clams, cause they look like lady parts (!!!!!), so we had an order of those with some fries at a little restaurant/ ice cream shop.

lindsays phone 256

maybe if it weren’t fried you could see a resemblance. or maybe it’s better not to see. . .

And then we realized that perhaps if the place’s specialty is ice cream, it’s probably less than wise to order a seafood dish.  (But we are right on the ocean!!!)  Or maybe it has something to do with the lady parts reference.  We mostly just ate the fries.

lindsays phone 255

But the ice cream sundae did not disappoint!!

lindsays phone 258

FYI this is a black and white sundae:  scoopa chocolate with marshmallow, scoopa vanilla with hot fudge, and all the good stuff on top.  Aaawwwww yeeeeaaaahh!

THIS is what happens when we have ice cream for dinner:


We don’t mess around when it comes to ice cream.

. . .

I will spare you pictures of the hotel’s continental breakfast the next morning (since I didn’t take any).  So let’s move on to Sunday’s lunch!  We went back to Cannon Beach again before we hit Ecola State Park.  This time we went to Ecola Seafood on recommendation.  This is a seafood restaurant.  We did much better here.  We split the captain’s platter so we could try a li’l bit of everything, and some clam chowdah.  Here’s what was on our plate:

lindsays phone 267

Fried oysters (which I kept calling fried muscles), a piece of whitefish, HUGE shrimps’s, the best scallop I have ever eaten (soooo buttery), clam chowder that was as thick as mashed potatoes, and a really bright, fresh cole slaw.  Oh, and garlic toast.  Can we take a moment here?  Now don’t get me wrong, the seafood was stellar, but that garlic toast was EPIC.  I so appreciate when the sides are as good as the main attraction, don’t you?

. . .

Then we ran around Ecola State Park and burned off some calories until it was time for our tired asses to drive back to Portland, where we met with my sweet cousin Leah and her husband Brad for dinner at Yakuza Lounge, another dark and romantic restaurant.  They picked out the restaurant for us, since it was near the airport and our hotel.  We were exhausted and hungry for something not fried.  This place delivered.  I guess you might call it a Japanese fusion restaurant. They have sushi AND burgers.  Pretty damn good burgers by the looks of the one Brad ordered.  Here’s what we ate (pardon the romantically lit pictures):

lindsays phone 290

Jicama and avocado salad with black sesame.  um, hello!  That was tasty.

lindsays phone 289

brussel sprouts and “foraged” mushrooms.  I like to imagine they were foraged in a magical forest by a spritely wood nymph- but they weren’t that kind of mushroom . . .

lindsays phone 291

A very bad photo of very delicious sushi rolls.  There is a spicy tuna roll in there, because I always order one no matter where I go.   It is my FAVORITE!

And that, my friends, is what we ate on our Amazing Goonies Adventure.  With our tummies full and our eyelids heavy, we bid farewell to my cousins and headed to our hotel, and then home the next morning.  So, do you guys plan what you will eat when you travel?  Or do you just wing it?


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