“Goonies never say ‘die'”


This is the story of Lindsay and Sarah’s Freaking Awesome Goonies Adventure.  If you  need a little back story, please read THIS first.  I will wait.

So to start off our Goonies adventure, Sarah and I met up at the Portland airport on a Friday.  I rented a car allbymyself for the very first time.  She navigated with the smartphone GPS thing while I drove.  It was the first time in Portland for both of us.  We really only got lost had to turn around like once twice, which is kind of miraculous if you know either of us.


I don’t know if you can tell, but we are totally excited in this picture.  Also, I was a very good driver.

Our first night we spent in Portland with our friend Mary from high school, and her husband Alex.  They have a super cool pad in a super cool part of Portland, which was no surprise as Mary has always been one of the super coolest people I know.  They took us to a super cool restaurant for dinner.


Portland is very mossy.  Thanks for letting us crash at your rad pad, Mare!

The next morning after a little breakfast we bid farewell to Mary, and Sarah and I were off like a terd of hurtles for a two hour drive through some fog and lovely scenery to Astoria.  Land of Goonie Goodness.



Sarah totally made us a dubloon out of some clay and painted it and everything. She’s ridiculous and I love her for it.

The town of Astoria is really small.  We went right to the Astoria Visitors Center, where a really sweet and helpful lady gave us maps of the area that had all the places to visit for our Goonies adventure, and showed us the best places to park and gave us a bunch of pointers to best experience the weekend.  The town has some serious Goonie pride.  We loaded up on some giftshop goodies too.


I use my pint glass for smoothies!!

First stop:  The Flavel House Museum


Movie moment:  The Goonies begin their adventure riding their bikes by the Astoria Museum where Mikey’s dad works.  He waves from the flagpole as they ride by.  We did not actually go in the museum, since there is a fee and they only filmed the outside.  The building was lovely though.



Second stop:  The Oregon Film Museum


Movie moment:  The first scene of the movie where the one Fratelli brother busts out of the jailhouse.


This building, which was actually the town’s actual jailhouse at one time, was converted into the Oregon Film Museum in the year of our Lord 20something.  There is a place to make and edit your own movie, and info about a bunch of movies that have been filmed in Astoria, including Kindergarten Cop (with Ahhhnold), Twin Peaks, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.  But mostly, the building has been turned into a Goonies’ shrine.  People just love this movie so much!  They have a bunch of memorabilia and props from the movie, cutouts of all the characters and of course, a mugshot wall.  It was totally worth the $5 admission.






thug life!



Third Stop:  Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

 lindsays phone 250

Movie moment:  After the Fratelli’s bust big brother out of jail, they lose the cops by blending in with an SUV race on Cannon Beach in front of Haystack Rock


Cannon Beach is about a 30 minute drive south of Astoria.  We got there JUST in time for the sunset.  It was very romantic, but we opted not to make out.  It’s a super cute beach town though with lots of shops and restaurants.  We had dinner there and then drove back to the hotel.  We were wiped!


Sunday morning we were good and got up early, ran on the treadmills at the hotel gym, and then had a lovely continental breakfast.  And then we were off again!!

First Stop:  Mikey’s house!!!


Movie Moment:  It all starts here on a rainy afternoon.  Mikey and the rest of the Goonies find the map in the attic that leads them to One Eyed Willie.


The people who live there are nice enough to let weirdo tourists stand around their property and take pictures of their house.  There were three or four other groups of people that came within the half hour that Sarah and I visited.



we left a thank you note (and a couple of bucks) in the donation box


a little shout-out to The Goonies on the porch

  Third Stop:  Warren Field


Movie moment:  During the opening credits, Andy is coaching the cheerleaders into a pyramid.  Because she is totally the captain.  footballfield


lindsays phone 266

Third stop:  Lower Columbia Bowl

IMG_6538Movie Moment:  During the opening credits.  Chunk smashes his pizza and milkshake on the window when he sees the cops going after the Fratelllis in the car chase.



               we got there a little before they opened

The nice thing about the LCB is that by the window there’s a book you can sign and a map you can put a little dot sticker where you are from.  The map was covered in stickers.  And the book was full of drawings and scribbles from fans.  It was pretty cool.  For some reason I don’t have a picture of that.  #blogfail


In the movie, Spielberg had Chunk block out a McDonald’s arch with his pizza, so we did too.

Fourth stop:  Ecola State Park


Movie moment:  This is where the old restaurant is located and where the Fratelli’s have their hideout.  Mikey uses the dubloon to line up the rock, the lighthouse, and the restaurant.  The start of the underground tunnel is located in the basement.

the restaurantThe old restaurant was just a set built for the movie, so there is no building there anymore, but we found the exact spot where it was.


the stone picnic tables were covered up by random farm equipment and brush, and the trees are all grown up now, but that was the spot.



i make a good Chunk, yeah?  and damn! that’s a nice dubloon!!


We puttered around at the state park for a while.  It was a perfectly Oregon day.

149464_10200532631103923_750116145_n 526449_10200532630303903_441817749_n


This is probably my favorite photo from the whole trip.

We left the park and drove back to Portland, where we met my sweet cousin and her hubs for a not-long-enough dinner.  (I hadn’t seen her in over 12 years!!)  We checked into our hotel for a few hours of sleep, and I dropped Sarah at the airport super early the next morning.  Then I went back to pack up and check out before returning the rental car and heading home myself.  And as fast as it started, it was over.  But I am so glad we went.  Now don’t you want to go watch The Goonies again?

next up?  The one where I talk about all the FOOOOD we ate.  stay tuned!

[all of these photos are taken by sarah and me.  movie stills are from http://www.filminamerica.com (except for the one of mikey’s dad at the flavel house. that one is from http://www.video.wikia.com, and the one of Andy is from http://www.gremlindog.com)]


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