What I did on my Summer Vacation- Part DEUX


(This is part two of a two-part story.  In order for this part to make a whole lot more sense, go and read this part.  It’s okay, I’ll wait. )

So, where were we?  Ah YES!  So after a big hearty steak dinner at momndad’s, we all went to bed early, ’cause we were going to be on the road at 4 a.m.!  (which means we pulled out of the driveway at 4:15).

It takes two days to get to Montana.  We took the north route on I-94 through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  It was the faster way to go, but not the prettier way.  (That would have been the “southern route” through South Dakota and The Badlands).

lindsays phone 1249

Day One: Approximately twelve hours of windshield time.

The next day we made it to MONTANA!  Here we are at a rest stop/ lookout.  But we still had like 7 hours ahead of us.  Montana is a very large state.

lindsays phone 1254

I think this was called a “painted canyon.”  Also I cropped this photo so you can’t see me in my traveling stretch pants. 

We finally made it to Fort Benton around 4pm and checked into our hotel.

Our 5 days there were pretty nice.  The weather was hot, which was good, cause it’s summer.  Otherhalf got to golf with my cousins, and we both went for a couple of runs along the river path in the mornings (and I still managed to put on 15 lbs).  On the 4th, we visited the farm where my dad grew up.  My aunt and uncle currently farm that land, but the farm house is no longer inhabitable.  Makes for cool photos though.


When we were kids, we made a trip out here and were able to go inside.  I remember my dad found a rattle in the kitchen cabinet (the snake kind, not the baby kind), and my brother and I were allowed to take a couple of books from upstairs (Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins if I remember correctly).  The windows are all boarded up now, so you can’t go in.


This is the pump house.


some dreamy grain bins with grass blowin’ in the wind  . . .this photo makes me kinda sleepy.


outhouse The bunk house and the outhouse. Both looking a little tipsy . . .

We left the farm and drove by this:


These are chalk bluffs.   Freakin’ Montana, man . . .

Then we headed to my aunt and uncle’s house where they hosted a fourth of July barbeque for our immediate families (this was where most of my face stuffing happened).  All my aunts and uncles and cousins and their families were there.  I got to meet a bunch of little rugrats I hadn’t met yet.  There were at least 35 people.  One of my cousins made up a relay game called “a year in the life of a farmer.”  They set up this whole obstacle course in the yard with elaborate instructions.  (but not too elaborate as there were small children involved, and also beer drinking adults).

lindsays phone 1190

And we had a kick ass ladder-ball tournament.  I say kick ass because my uncle and I WON it.  Booyeah!

lindsays phone 1174

After more food and pie and drinking, we watched some fireworks from the porch.  I didn’t stay out long, because the skeeters were trying to eat me alive.  But I did get one kinda pathetic picture of the fireworks.

lindsays phone 1167

Happy Belated Birthday, America.

And guess what?  There’s gonna be a Part III apparently.


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