Well hello there.


Hi!  So this is my blog.  I have had this web address for a week now, and hadn’t a clue what the first post should be, so I’m just going to start writing.  Because if I don’t just start, it will never get done.  Hopefully this will evolve into something really cool.  It will mostly be about food, and food related adventures, and some non-food related adventures as well.  Perhaps I should begin at the beginning about how this whole blog thing got started.  Embarrassingly, it was almost a year ago.  Otherhalf and I were unable to travel, and so I took my vacation during his spring break and we decided to eat our way through Chicago.  (There’s some pretty wicked food here, FYI.)  We visited a bunch of restaurants that we had been meaning to try, and went to some of our old favorites.  I posted our culinary adventures on Facebook, and people was all like “Hey, you should start a blog!”  But I being the big procrastinating chicken perfectionist that I am, was all like, “Yeah, maybe I will someday, I have to plan it out first.”

So here we are.  Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?  Stay tuned as I will share the adventure of what I and Otherhalf refer to as “The Week of Indulgence 2012.”   And there will be pictures!


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